Lights… Cats… Bags – My Joy This Week

My follow up therapy appointment is tomorrow.  I think I have done a decent job of staying focused on finding myself through things that bring me joy.  This blog is about me finding myself every day and although I do contemplate this daily, writing every day just isn’t going to happen.

Of course not writing might be a good thing.  I’ve been quite amused at the number of “follows” I’ve gotten on my old blog since I stopped writing and then posted I wasn’t writing there anymore.  The message seems to be “if I don’t talk, they will listen.

But I’m not one to please others.

This makes me think of something the pastor said on Sunday that has stuck in my mind.  The message pertained to divorce and also remarriage after divorce, but at one point he said we can justify our actions all we want to, but the question we should ask ourselves is if what we are doing pleases us, or pleases God.  I need to ask myself that more often.  (Although I’m fairly certain my consumption of dark chocolate is pleasing to God, so I should definitely continue that 🙂 )

I think I’ve used enough words today, so I’m going to wrap this up with photos of things that brought me joy this week.

I put up Christmas lights after Thanksgiving… the joyful part is talking to the neighbors who smile and comment on the lights
I smiled at my ten-year-old’s excitement over having both kittens curled up on his lap. His laughter gets me every time.
For a couple years, my ten-year-old has wanted to do something for the homeless. We’re finally doing it! I bought some new fleecy throws and supplies and, together, we packed bags.  They are in my trunk ready for God to lead me. (I’m shy so I’m a bit nervous about it). Oh, and all cats/kittens are accounted for… I checked!



Author: findingmedaily43

I used to enjoy hiking and snapping pictures along the way. I used to have creative ideas jotted on pieces of paper stacked on my desk. I used to laugh and look forward to spending time with others. I used to write. A lot. Through this blog, I'm making an effort each day to find myself.

7 thoughts on “Lights… Cats… Bags – My Joy This Week”

  1. Love the photo of your son with his kitties! Kids really are the best reason (sometimes the only reason!) for our continuing to put one foot in front of the other! Your Christmas decor is lovely, and I’m proud of you for bagging up stuff for the homeless. We can always find somebody who has it worse then we do!!


    1. Sometimes the kids make me want to stay in bed (like when they fight first thing in the morning! ) but more often, they are a light in the darkness. Thanks for the encouragement. I’m still nervous but am keeping my eyes open for someone in need.

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  2. I have fond memories of a lapful of kittens. They can produce some heat! What a great ministry opportunity to share God’s love with those in need. Thank you for doing this for them, and your son.


  3. I had to click on the old blog to figure out it is you…oh Janna, so happy to see you! I’m glad you’re finding the you hidden beneath all the clutter you’ve endured.
    I’ve found my format helps me focus on what is important in life and not to dwell on the things that bring me down. My life is simple and that is one thing for which I am grateful.
    Wishing you a lovely 2017! Again so good to see you’re back on here!


    1. Your comment made me smile Suzicate. It’s a nice feeling when someone seems excited to “see” you 🙂 I meant to respond earlier, but this last week was insanely busy (at least one thing going every day, so not much time for finding me). Thanks for your well-wishes for 2017. I really do think it will be better than the last couple years. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas!

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