Women’s Work

Early Saturday morning, I arrived to pick up my sons from an overnight scout “lock in”.  The assistant scout master exited the doors as I started up the steps.

“They’ll be a bit longer.  They’re doing women’s work,” he said.

“Oh, so they’re inside fixing stuff?” I responded.

“No, they’re cleaning.”

I bit my tongue and continued walking, but his comment irked me.   Mostly because I don’t believe he was joking.  When we first moved to town and joined the group three years ago, he dropped an armful of towels and washcloths in front of me and made a comment about me doing women’s work while I waited.

The thing is, even when I was married, I either took care of things myself or paid someone to do it.  My ex wasn’t at all interested in that kind of thing, and I can’t see paying someone to do something I can do myself.  I know my limitations, though.  I hired a professional to trim a 30-foot tall tree with limbs hanging over my roof.  I paid someone to clean out all of the gutters.  I have a plumber in my address book; I don’t do plumbing!

Here are some of my more recent projects:

I paid a handyman to replace a rotted board, then I scrubbed and re-painted the deck on the house sold last December
When my fridge died after 4th of July, I had to remove a cabinet because the new fridge was several inches taller
I didn’t do the wiring, but I did sand, re-texture and paint where the old rectangular fluorescent lights had left marks on the ceiling
I removed all the brass outside light fixtures and replaced them with with black ones. I also repainted the house numbers and changed out the doorbell to match
Over the weekend, I put together a heavy duty shelving unit for my son to store his rocks
I had canvas prints of some of my photos made and added some branches from my parents’ tree to make an empty wall more interesting
My best friend wanted a pillow made out of fabric she had on hand. We had extra poly fill, so we made her hubby a football pillow… just because we could!

If the assistant scout master possessed a kernel of intelligence, I would’ve explained that women are capable of much more than folding towels and sweeping floors. To me, “women’s work” is whatever needs to be done, whether it requires a screwdriver, drill, sewing machine or paint.

And I’m willing to bet my “skills” are much more varied than Mr. Macho Man 🙂


Author: findingmedaily43

I used to enjoy hiking and snapping pictures along the way. I used to have creative ideas jotted on pieces of paper stacked on my desk. I used to laugh and look forward to spending time with others. I used to write. A lot. Through this blog, I'm making an effort each day to find myself.

18 thoughts on “Women’s Work”

  1. I’m assuming the scout guy is older? If a younger man talked like that, his mom really failed him. I’m sure you have a lot more skills than he does. I lasted about a month in scouts to my dad’s disappointment. I couldn’t deal with an all male group, plus the scout troop I went to in the early 70’s was really weird. I volunteered to help with a boy scout jamboree a few years ago, and there were a lot of girls participating in the boy scouts’ activities, plus a lot of women scout leaders.

    My wife said the women in the choir she sings in about rioted the other day because the assistant director told the choir that “the men could bring the drinks and the women the baked goods” to sell at their concert. The women asked him why he assumed men can’t bake? Fortunately, I was raised that men and women do the same work. I’ve cooked, cleaned and done laundry since I was young.


    1. Actually, the guy might be a few years older but not much. He and his wife went to high school together and their older son graduated high school last year, their younger son graduated in May. I was a den leader for my older son for two years but I just couldn’t do it here. It’s good you are able to do “women’s work” (haha)… I think we should all be reasonably capable of caring for ourselves. I try not to get too bent out of shape over stereotypes, but it is aggravating.

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    1. I do agree that dividing stuff to be done is most efficient. I don’t mind helping… in fact, on Friday I’m visiting a friend and we’re going to assemble a shelving unit. Oh yeah, we know how to have fun 🙂 I avoid this man when possible. He’s said other things I haven’t liked


    1. I bet you could do the stuff… when changing light fixtures I just make sure the breaker is off… my dad is an electrician and gave me that advice 😉 most of the stuff I do are things I can’t mess up beyond repair. Like painting the interior of my house. It took me 7 months but I got it done

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      1. I have painted the walls and piddly stuff, but fortunately the hubby takes care of the big stuff. I have two girlfriends who can do anything. One completely redid her bathroom…we’re talking tiling, fixtures, and cabinets. Then she turned around and extended the roof over her front stoop. Another one put in a walkway in front of her house. One reason I’d never try any of those things on my own is my hubby is an engineer so I’m sure he’d find the “fault lines” in a hurry, ha!


      2. Oh, I can see how having an engineer around could affect the projects you do. I have to admit, I held my breath a bit when my dad visited and inspected my patchwork from putting up new towel racks in the bathroom. I was a bit relieved when I “passed” 😉

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  2. You mean there are still guys around who think there’s a difference between men’s and women’s work?? It seems to me that work is work and shouldn’t be divided along gender lines.

    You’ve tackled some amazing projects here, and the results are lovely. Kudos!!


  3. The fact that this donkey’s butt uttered those words concerns me far less than your lack of reaction to it. Yeah, there are morons out there, just try to run errands on a Friday afternoon. But passively allowing them to go on moroning, especially when they’re moroning around your kids in a position of authority and instruction–NOW the problem is you.

    They say if you average the incomes of the five friends closest to you, you’ll have your own. People gravitate to what they know. If you give the green light for your kid to spend time around this pus bucket, what will he surround himself with at college, who will he marry, how will he instruct his sons to treat women? Kids don’t listen to what you tell them, they copy what you do.


    1. I appreciate your passionate response, however I am amused by your judgment of me. You’re entitled to your opinion, of course! My silence is trying to abide by court order to not interfere with the scout program, as the judge ruled after a year and a half of divorce hell. Last thing I want to do is make things worse for my kids there. I also believe my reaction to stupidity, as I encounter almost daily, is to respond with patience and not let the idiocy change the kindness inside me…that’s what my kids see.


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